Words are good, so here is our history.

Mr. Jeff versus 20 Trillion Dollars

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Take a look at the Cloud Native Landscape, and then realize… somehow… we have collectively made software harder (and probably much worse at greater cost). Now, this is the path of good intentions (along with some resume driven development and a dash of inexperienced leaders trying to be kool-kids-too), and every single box within the cloud landscape exists for a very good reason. I can read each little box and then see how it fits into the picture. If the people making all these things have a decent focus on sales then the brochure always makes sense until you find the tiny print of the various trade-offs…

I was wrong about burn-out; entering the red ocean.

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Right now, I’ve been leading an idealistic existence without competition in a blue ocean… alone… I invented this thing as a craftsman scratching a deep itch about how to build software better. As such, I’m shifting strategies for a variety of reasons; I’m focusing on a new business to leverage Adama rather than try to create demand.

Streaming Joins and Nested Tables (Reactive Database Series)

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Real usage produces real problems! So, today, I’m going to a talk about a problem that is emerging with nested tables. This is a looming problem with a current customer, and this illustrates a gap in my offering as I don’t have any joins at the moment. Problematically, I also allow tables to be nested within tables which has unfortunately consequences.

Making Developers Wealthy

By Jeffrey M. Barber

On a lark, I created better looking welcome emails and forgot password emails with the phrase “Engineered Wealth” as part of it. Ultimately, I’m creating a platform, and my early customers are friends that I’m helping to create wealth for. The awful aspect of early retirement is that it’s lonely as a bulk of your friends are unable to spend many nights playing board games. Board games are life! The open question is whether the wealth I’m building for my friends is more broadly applicable, and this has me thinking about my ideal customer profile.

How to build a Reddit Clone with Replit and Adama

By Gold Agbonifo Isaac

If you’re a developer who loves using Replit for development, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of creating your very own Reddit clone using Replit and Adama.

Multi-region progress ;)

By Jeffrey M. Barber

I’ve made some progress in getting multi-region closer to a finish line. At this stage, the primary value proposition of multi-region is reducing latency by putting machines closer to people. There are future stages which I’ll touch on briefly like availability and surviving disasters, but those are out of scope. (Honestly, multi-region should be out of scope).