Words are good, so here is our history.

Designing a Usage/Limit system to avoid large bills

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Since this platform aims to be a next-gen new kind of all-in-one server-less thing, I want to avoid the criticism of “infinite cost” (and being shamed on Serverless horrors). I too believe that all vendors should provide a maximum usage cap, and I’m shocked it isn’t done in more places. Actually, I’m not shocked since the lack of usage caps maximizes shareholder value.

Aiming High, my path towards principal engineer

By Jeffrey M. Barber

I’m probably going to transition this blog into a personal blog and rethink the content strategy for this platform some day. However, I’m helping a handful of people grow as engineers with a few of my clients, and my #1 goal in life is helping other engineers grow into their best self.

Next Level Software Testing

By Jeffrey M. Barber

At the time of this writing, Adama has 6,344 unit tests for the platform. The dirty secret right now is that the RxHTML side of the house has zero tests because JavaScript is a garbage language and the browser is a dumpster fire. Now, ultimately, I want to have fantastic testing for RxHTML but also products that use Adama fully. There is a reason that many product engineers don’t write a lot of tests, but they are all bad reasons. However, I empathize with the challenge of protecting frontend assets, so I am going to do my thing and and invent a new way of doing testing.

The Math you Really Need as a Programmer

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Adama has complex numbers, and I love complex numbers. I was talking with a product engineer about a range check where I nit-picked an expression x >= low && x <= high should be written as low <= x && x <= high. It’s a good nit-pick (IMO), but then I lamented that it should really be low <= x <= high. I lamented that I haven’t figure that out yet for my parser and type system… “I miss Math” was the driving internal sentiment, and in my nostalgic state I volunteered the fact that Adama has complex numbers via the keyword @i. Then, I shared a wiki link around complex numbers, and I got the question “which kinds of math do you think are most useful for what you do? calculus?”

Happy Data Flow

By Jeffrey M. Barber

I have a strong desire to radically improve all my documentation from the ground up. Since that’s a fantasy project right now, I wanted to take a second to document how data flows in Adama. This question was asked by members of a local community that I’m forming, so I made picture with the fantastic Excalidraw.

End of 2023 Work Log (Or what is capable if you give a shit about coding)

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Well, it has been an exceptionally busy year for myself as I’ve been building out this cockamamie platform. Since I have a few clients and a handful of users, I wanted to spend a day summarizing the progress made this last year.

It’s been a good year for getting things done.