Billing isn't implemented... yet Is it free? Well, it's free until I build the billing engine From the desk of the owner, Jeffrey M. Barber

At this time, I haven't implemented the integration between Adama and Stripe. There are two problems at hand at the moment.

First, just selecting a vendor to do the subscription invoicing isn't going well with my pathologies. For example, I want to bill usage in increments of 0.0001 which represents a brick price. A brick is a unit of compute, memory, and storage combined into one. I'm still modelling the price and associated resources, but my aspirational goal is to be cost effective and comparable to dedicated hosting. My philosophy here is that usage should proxy the resources used, and I don't want any typical criticisms of serverless (as serverless does nickel and dime customers at scale).

As such, I’m rethinking the billing system as something written within Adama where I can open source it.

Second, my ethics are strong and I don’t want to absorb any liabilities since I’m just one dude hacking away. While I’ve built enterprise products before, I am not foolish enough to think I can be perfect out the gate. I don’t want my customers to have a bad day with my offering.

The price right now is feedback as I take on liberties to polish and perfect the offering. Production is launched with limited capacity. The FAQ covers this in more detail.

Thank you for checking out Adama's pricing page, and I hope you are interested in trying some new technology.

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