Super importance notice! We are in "early access" mode.

The pricing and availability of the service are not ready for business. It is ready for hackers to hack.

Production is launched with limited capacity, missing important things, and other shameful things to preview the technology. The FAQ covers this in more detail. See our early access launch confession for why early access is going to a rocky, but we do believe that Adama has promise for the broader community.

Simple usage based billing

We bill by the hour for resources used! Once we launch, we will be 100% usage driven.

(Early Access Preview) Server-less unlimited

Scale with us to infinity and beyond! We will bill based on your usage. Storage is billed easily enough at the rate of five cents per GB-month while the other resources are combined into bricks. See the FAQ for what bricks are.

What's included

  • Command line tooling

  • Web portal access (when available)

  • Discounts for up-front payment (when we take your money)

  • Usage caps to protect your budget (when we take your money)

Pay for what you use! Look at these low prices which are not yet final!

$0.10/brick-hr USD
$0.05/GB-month USD

Learn about bricks, storage, and more with our FAQ.