Create better, faster, smarter; create Engineered Wealth.

Adama is a data platform with the kitchen sink built in to power your imagination. Inspired by spreadsheets, Adama provides a reactive document store to provide interactive and real-time data to power your apps or games. Connect people to data easily with unparalleled privacy and security.

New accounts are free until the billing engine is built. start with $5 free capacity and a 14-day developer-seat trial, no credit card necessary.

Smart data platform

Adama is a scalable data store where data goes beyond dead bytes waiting to be summoned by a user to inspect a corpse. Instead data stored within Adama has a mind of its own...

Data is alive!

Your data is powered by the powerful Adama Language. The Adama Language allows developers to expressively organize data with objects and tables, leverage full ACID transactions to mutate documents, expose computations via reactive formulas with integrated SQL, protect data with privacy logic, coordinate people with workflows, limit client data with viewer dependent queries, leverage temporal distubances, expose web-fetchable resources, and more!

It's a bit much, and that's how we like it.

Reactive magic

Adama tracks changes to your data, and then efficiently keeps clients sychronized with their private personalized view. This allows your JavaScript frameworks or game engine to automatically update! Not only does Adama work with existing web frameworks, but it also enables ditching large JavaScript frameworks entirely by reactively binding the DOM to Adama.

Privacy that you can trust.

Adama was designed for competitive and ruthless board game players such that secrets between players remain secret, and this relentless focus for perfect privacy redefines industry standards and practices.

Industry leading pricing

Unlike other serverless cost-traps which nickel and dime every interaction, Adama combines resources together to provide a simple and affordable usage model. Our usage pricing is so low that we have to charge for developer seats.

Built for the long term

Adama is completely open source. The platform has over 5,000 tests with radical test coverage. It's better tested than most enterprise services, and it is driven by a relentless pursuit of perfection. Every possible error has a unique code indicating which line was responsible. Every error type is investigated. "Wierd" logs are investigated. Every alarm is inspected.

For most companies, this is excessive. For Adama Platform, this is day one stuff.