Serverless infrastructure for the web and beyond

Keep your Jamstack jammin without any servers.

A single file will define an infinite space of documents where each document is like a tiny computer with storage, networking, and compute. Wait, what? Yeah, this marketing copy is going to be strange for both of us. Adama is a new and radically fun way to build software!

Simple single file infrastructure

With a single file, you define a space of documents sharing a schema, transformation logic via message handling, access control logic, privacy logic, and chronological transformation. The trinity of compute, storage, and networking all within a single file!

Inbox user interface

Collaborate or compete

Whether you are building a collaborative application, game, or what-not. Adama is there to connect you and your people together with a real-time data store.

Customer profile user interface

A better way to build software, connect people, and enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Novel, innovative, and open source!

This entire platform is open source, so you can run it on your hardware. We have a unique open strategy which allows us to be exceptionally open, honest, and forthcoming. Our secrets are in the open.

Fair and low pricing

I was told not to race to the bottom with pricing, but our goals are not short-sighted. We are technologists that have benefited greatly from the open source community, and we strive to provide services nearly at cost.

Board games

Our open secrets are born from the complex nature of board games. These amazing products challenge and push us hard on many fronts.

Soft real-time at scale

Our origin in games manifest super powers for everyday applications. Everyone benefits as we push the boundaries of physics!

Simple operations

The design of the platform operates on the assumption that one person will operate it. That's because only one person does, so we (I) take our time and make sure everything is done well.

Reliability is Job #1

We value our sleep, and a relentless focus on reliability maximizes our sleep and your sleep.