Unique values

We are founded on values which stand in stark contrast to the current business climate.

sleep is job #1


We love getting long deep sleep. It's not only important for our health, but it is vital for our platform. Hidden within our sleep is a culture of excellence that produces reliable software. A relentless focus on reliability manifests maximum sleep for us and our customers.

Our customers should sleep well.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Patience and discipline are vital for producing a reliable platform. No short-cuts, hacks, or trickery will do the job. We move forward slowly doing the right thing, and thus never move backwards. This requires a focus on simplicity, solid boundaries, and a relentless focus on the deep mathematics.

We do the math, so you don't have to.

Freedom at all costs

Freedom at all cost.

The modern workplace has a lot of churn, needless meetings, unhealthy deadlines, toxic workplaces, and slaves (full-time employees). We have none of those things.

We are free people that believe in a better world. Do you want to be free?


Driven by deep purpose

Why do you wake up every day? Here, at the Adama Platform Initiative, we believe that efficiency is a worthy goal. It's important for us to do more with less because that's how we can become a sustainable world.

This drive towards a sustainable world manifests from our deep love of animals and the natural world. The profits we derive from our work feed into several conservation efforts.