A vision in a future where technology liberates us.

The core of Adama is about finding a better way to build software that frees us. There used to be a time when you could just buy software, own it, and use it. You used to own your things, and now your things own you. Adama is driven by curiousity instead of profit, moral value over shareholder value, joy of the craft instead a slow churning burn-out, and building lives worth living.

The mission

Complexity is a prison entrapping both software makers and software users.

Making software can be either a blissful joy or a dreaded act. Using software can either be pleasant or a burden. The relationship between making and using software is a deeply interconnected one. Software was suppose to free us such that these machines were to be "bicycles of the mind", and instead we are trapped to screens like junkies.

The mission of Adama is to explore, experiment, and engage. The company is founder led with no investors to pressure for results. The deep purpose is to empower creators with super technological powers.

Unique values

We are founded on values which stand in stark contrast to the current business climate.

sleep is job #1


We love getting long deep sleep. It's not only important for our health, but it is vital for our platform. Hidden within our sleep is a culture of excellence that produces reliable software. A relentless focus on reliability manifests maximum sleep for us and our customers.

Our customers should sleep well.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Patience and discipline are vital for producing a reliable platform. No short-cuts, hacks, or trickery will do the job. We move forward slowly doing the right thing, and thus never move backwards. This requires a focus on simplicity, solid boundaries, and a relentless focus on the deep mathematics.

We do the math, so you don't have to.

Freedom at all costs

Freedom at all cost.

The modern workplace has a lot of churn, needless meetings, unhealthy deadlines, toxic workplaces, and slaves (full-time employees). We have none of those things.

We are free people that believe in a better world. Do you want to be free?