Words are good, so here is our history.

End of 2023 Work Log (Or what is capable if you give a shit about coding)

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Well, it has been an exceptionally busy year for myself as I’ve been building out this cockamamie platform. Since I have a few clients and a handful of users, I wanted to spend a day summarizing the progress made this last year.

It’s been a good year for getting things done.

Don't be a React Developer

By Jeffrey M. Barber

I’ve pondered hiring, and I’ve ran plenty of job ads to find people. Reviewing resumes quickly becomes depressing… The mixture of hope and the sheer volume of newbieness becomes overwhelming. My heart breaks because I understand the pain of being on the outside, but what can people do? How do newbs become less newbie?

Hiring Thoughts Redux, Embrace the White Board?

By Jeffrey M. Barber

I’ve had more thoughts on hiring since writing embarking on my monastic journey. At core, I’m a dirty hippy that wants a freer world. Ultimately, when I think about hiring, I’m struggling with my ideals and reality. Is it possible to find a good balance? How will I handle the founder’s dilemma?

The Great Product Engineering Cycle

By Jeffrey M. Barber

A core part of how I’m operating right now is acting as a fractional-CTO-as-a-service. If I’m being honest, then I’m not super great at it while I’m innovating. It’s exceptionally hard to do both at the same time, so I took off the innovator hat to focus on some roadmap planning and thinking about hiring. Hiring ultimately is a game of figuring out the various roles and that resources play.

Mr. Jeff versus 20 Trillion Dollars

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Take a look at the Cloud Native Landscape, and then realize… somehow… we have collectively made software harder (and probably much worse at greater cost). Now, this is the path of good intentions (along with some resume driven development and a dash of inexperienced leaders trying to be kool-kids-too), and every single box within the cloud landscape exists for a very good reason. I can read each little box and then see how it fits into the picture. If the people making all these things have a decent focus on sales then the brochure always makes sense until you find the tiny print of the various trade-offs…

I was wrong about burn-out; entering the red ocean.

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Right now, I’ve been leading an idealistic existence without competition in a blue ocean… alone… I invented this thing as a craftsman scratching a deep itch about how to build software better. As such, I’m shifting strategies for a variety of reasons; I’m focusing on a new business to leverage Adama rather than try to create demand.