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Deep Thoughts on Developing a Distributed Stream Query Language from the Ground Up

By Jeffrey M. Barber

As I type up my notes on the problems facing Adama, I’m thinking of how to integrate Adama within existing environments. A key problem for Adama’s future is that data held within Adama is currently very siloed. For board games and collaborative applications, this is perfectly fine. However, this can become problematic for many reasons. This is especially important for tactically migrating anything to Adama since developers need some degree of moving applications via a half-state.

Quick update on the march towards production

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Progress is being made, and things are looking good. Wanted to post an update on the march towards production

How I grew to hate PubSub; this one weird trick for building PubSub

By Jeffrey M. Barber

I’ve mentioned, in passing, that PubSub (i.e. the publisher subscriber pattern) over-commits, so I intend to dive into what I mean by this and talk about how I think about real-time services like PubSub. Having spent over half a decade as a technical leader for a very large (soft) real-time distributed system, I think it all boils down to this toy model.

A SaaS marches towards production; defining an engineering culture.

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Good news!

I’m now testing the integration of the components that I’ve been talking about by building a staging/integ environment. This new environment looks and feels like the future production site except I play fast and loose. As I move fast, I reveal problems which will be problematic, and I’m taking notes. Fortunately, most things are working as intended. My gossip is gossiping. My routing tables are routing. Deploy kind of works.