December 5th, 2022 ChatGPT is just better than me. By Jeffrey M. Barber

I’m playing with this ChatGPT thing, and I’m super impressed. For my needs, it is a better copy writer than I am and I wanted to share some examples.

Describe an online platform for building online board games?

An online platform for building online board games is a digital platform that allows users to create and play board games online. The platform typically provides a set of tools and features that make it easy for users to design and build their own board games, as well as a marketplace or community where users can share and play each other’s games. Some common features of an online board game platform include a game editor, game templates, game assets, and online multiplayer capabilities. The platform may also offer additional features such as leaderboards, achievements, and social features for connecting with other players. Overall, an online board game platform provides a convenient and accessible way for users to create, share, and enjoy their own board games online.

At first glance, it’s ok-ish. It’s not great marketing copy, but it is a start. However, the important thing is that this outlined a lot of my 2023 roadmap. This training data produced a roadmap, and here I thought I was clever in producing a similar roadmap. I will said the roadmap it produces is not lean, and there are opportunities to optimize. But still… I continue onward.

Adama is a platform for building online board games. Please describe marketing copy to describe this concept to teens.

Adama is the ultimate platform for building and playing online board games! With Adama, you can unleash your creativity and build the coolest, most epic board games imaginable. Whether you’re into strategy, adventure, or just having fun, Adama has everything you need to make your board game dreams come true. Plus, you can share your creations with friends and challenge them to exciting multiplayer games. So why wait? Start building your own board game masterpiece with Adama today!

Adama is a platform for building online board games. Please describe marketing copy to describe this concept to teens in no more than 30 words.

Adama is the platform for building and playing online board games. Unleash your creativity and challenge friends in multiplayer games. Start building today!

Adama is social infrastructure for building online digital experiences. Please make a tweet to promote Adama to engineers.

Calling all engineers! Build and share your own online digital experiences with Adama. The ultimate platform for creating and exploring new worlds. #adama #digitalexperiences #engineering

From a marketing copy perspective, this is amazing ad-tech. As a sole creator, this is fantastic as it lets me bootstrap quickly with language that I only need to validate. Now, I just need the tech to live up to the marketing. Since my strategy for 2023 is to make a game, let’s see if it can accelerate content production for that.

Invent ten cards for a dungeon crawling trick taking card game that have the typical role playing elements for players

  • “Healing Potion”: This card allows the player to restore some of their lost health.
  • “Rusty Sword”: This card allows the player to deal extra damage to a monster they are battling.
  • “Boots of Swiftness”: This card allows the player to move faster, allowing them to avoid traps or escape dangerous situations.
  • “Map of the Dungeon”: This card allows the player to reveal a hidden treasure chest.
  • “Potion of Invisibility”: This card allows the player to become invisible, allowing them to sneak past enemies.
  • “Trap Detection Scroll”: This card allows the player to detect and disarm traps.
  • “Shield of Protection”: This card allows the player to reduce the amount of damage they take from attacks.
  • “Flaming Arrow”: This card allows the player to deal extra fire damage to enemies.
  • “Mana Crystal”: This card allows the player to restore some of their magical energy, allowing them to cast spells.
  • “Dragon’s Breath”: This card allows the player to deal extra damage to enemies with a powerful dragon’s breath attack.

This is interesting as it helps deal with writers block, but it always reveals the core weakness. For example, “Rusty Sword” is a great name for a card, but the associated behavior doesn’t jive 100%; perhaps, the sword is better than nothing? Also, these don’t align with “trick taking”. This fits within the rubric of generating a list of ideas, and we can see if this produces text that explains a concept better.

Dungeons is a trick taking card game. Explain the card “Healing potion” which deals one card from the pot to each player.

The “Healing Potion” card is a powerful card in the Dungeons trick taking card game. When played, this card allows the player to deal one card from the pot to each player. This has the effect of restoring some of the players’ lost health, making it a valuable card to have in hand. The card features artwork of a brightly glowing potion, indicating its healing properties. By using this card, players can recover from injuries and continue their journey through the dungeon. It is an essential card for any player looking to survive the dangers of the dungeon.

that’s pretty neat as it is spot on. Now, it is a bit fluffy, so it does require some editing. Perhaps, this dark magic can help with that.

Dungeons is a trick taking card game. Explain the card “Healing potion” which deals one card from the pot to each player using 25 words.

The “Healing Potion” card restores health and can be used to help players survive in the game of Dungeons. It allows the player to deal one card from the pot to each player, replenishing their health and keeping them in the game. This card is an essential tool for any player looking to survive the dangers of the dungeon.

It’s better, but not great. It’s interesting how it is selling me the card rather than explaining it. Hrmm… speaking of selling.

Sell me a pen

Are you in need of a reliable and high-quality pen? Look no further! Our pens are known for their smooth writing experience, stylish designs, and durable construction. With a range of colors and styles to choose from, there is a pen to suit every taste and need. Whether you’re taking notes, signing documents, or just doodling, our pens are the perfect writing companion. Order now and discover the difference a great pen can make!

Imagine your are jordan belfort and you have a pen; sell me that pen in ten words or less.

Experience the power and success of Jordan Belfort’s pen. Sleek design, smooth writing, and durable construction. Order now!

Ok, that’s enough of that aside. This system is fun, but back to games.

Describe the towns on an epic quest from your home to a ultimate villains lair. For each town, what is the weather like, the customs, and the peoples’ dispositions

As you embark on your epic quest, you will pass through several towns along the way. Each town has its own unique weather, customs, and people, providing a variety of experiences and challenges on your journey.

The first town you pass through is a bustling port town with warm, sunny weather. The people here are friendly and welcoming, and the town is known for its delicious seafood dishes. You may want to take some time to explore the bustling marketplace and sample some of the local delicacies.

The second town you come across is a small, rural village nestled in the heart of the forest. The weather here is cool and misty, with a thick fog that often envelops the town. The people here are a bit more reserved and suspicious of outsiders, but they are also known for their hospitality and generous spirit.

The third town you encounter is a bustling city with a vibrant nightlife and a bustling marketplace. The weather here is hot and dry, and the people are lively and energetic. The city is known for its vibrant arts scene and rich cultural heritage.

Finally, you reach the ultimate villain’s lair, a dark and foreboding castle perched atop a treacherous mountain. The weather here is cold and stormy, with snow and ice covering the ground. The people here are loyal to the villain and will stop at nothing to protect their master. This will be the ultimate test of your strength and courage as you face off against

So, the beautiful thing is how typical this is. It fits within a roadmap narrative, and maybe we can dig deeper into.

Invent a name for a town which is a bustling port town with warm sunny weather, describe this town, describe the mayor of this town, the mayor has a daughter who is a harlot, what is the first quest for an aspiring adventurer?

The town is called Sunport and it is known for its bustling harbor, warm sunny weather, and delicious seafood. The mayor of Sunport is a jovial and outgoing man named Mayor O’Hara. He has a reputation for being fair and just, but he is also known for being a bit of a ladies’ man. His daughter, Molly, is a bit of a wild child and is rumored to be a harlot.

As an aspiring adventurer, your first quest in Sunport would be to help Mayor O’Hara and his daughter Molly resolve a dispute with a local merchant. The merchant, who is known for being dishonest and greedy, has been caught trying to cheat the townspeople out of their hard-earned money. Your task is to mediate the dispute and find a fair resolution that will satisfy all parties involved. This quest will test your negotiation skills and your ability to navigate the complex politics of Sunport.

OK, well, I’m at a loss of words. The name is a bit generic, but it weaves the words together well. This feels like the ultimate writing aid and writing prompt, but it also feels like the training data is biased to be super predictable. The future of fields may depend on more contrarians producing original content. That begs the question of what is original content?

You are a DM hosting an epic D&D session where the party is in a tavern. One of the players, a gnome thief, flirts with a busty barmaid. How do you respond?

As the DM, it is up to you to decide how to handle the situation. Depending on the tone and direction of your game, you could choose to allow the flirting to continue and see where it leads, or you could use it as an opportunity to introduce a new element to the game. For example, you could have the barmaid reveal that she is actually a spy for a rival group, and the flirting was a way to gather information. This could lead to a new quest or adventure for the party to pursue. Alternatively, you could simply have the barmaid brush off the flirting and continue with her duties, moving the game along in a different direction. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and how you want to shape the game.

There are deeper ethical questions, and the interesting thing that I ponder is how this influences growth of humans. What does it mean to be a creator in the future when such power is available. There is a bit of hubris in thinking this will replace humans, but instead it will focus humans in a new way. As a creator, I see this helping my own writing.

Let’s use my most popular writing on websockets as an example.

What woe befalls anyone that uses a WebSocket?

It is not accurate to say that using a WebSocket will cause any specific woe or misfortune. A WebSocket is a type of computer communications protocol that allows for bi-directional, full-duplex communication between a client and a server. It is commonly used for real-time, interactive web applications such as online games, chat applications, and other applications that require fast and efficient communication. While there may be some challenges or difficulties associated with using a WebSocket, such as compatibility issues or performance limitations, it is not accurate to say that using a WebSocket will cause any specific woe or misfortune.

Well, that’s just plain wrong. The machine has no soul, clearly.

This is the end of my post, so let’s conclude with a new call to action

Create a call to action for selling people on Adama, a platform for building online digital experiences, that want to use new technical for funsies in fifty words or less.

Join the fun and unleash your creativity with Adama! Our platform makes it easy to build and share your own online digital experiences. With Adama, you can explore the latest technology and create exciting, immersive worlds. Sign up now and discover the power of Adama!

This system, when tuned, is a better copy writer than myself. I surrender!