Words are good, so here is our history.

How this all started from building a custom browser

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Conceptually, a user interface is a simple thing. It is a pretty and delightful picture which makes it easy to understand and interact with a product. That’s it.

Since Adama is a programming language for board games, it stands to reason that Adama does not exist in a vacuum and it must be workable with existing UI technologies. That is, it must sanely integrate with a variety of frameworks to achieve some measure of success and be usable beyond my myopic view of reality.

Progress is Slow, May 2020 Update

By Jeffrey M. Barber


I forgot how much work there is in building a programming language, but it is super fun. So here we are in May of the remarkably interesting 2020. I am coming out a slump of depression (I think) from this world-changing covid-19, and I recently made good progress towards the first milestone.

I am lurching forward ever so slowly every weekend I invest in this madness.

First Announcement

By Jeffrey M. Barber

Welcome, welcome, welcome…

This is the first update on the Adama language project!

I finally have set forth on the journey of telling people about my latest passion project. Surprise, it’s a programming language! However, it is not a generic programming language, and I want to make this exceptionally clear. It’s a domain specific programming language meant for board games. Yep, that’s right! Board Games!!!. However, I have discovered this language has some very interesting properties which make it broadly applicable, and I have a vision for a new type of infrastructure!