Words are good, so here is our history.

Some Thinky Thoughts for 2021

By Jeffrey M. Barber

So, as promised, I’ve been thinking about things.

First up, I am having this deep well of regret that I fucked up by targeting Java as the platform. For one, companies like Cloudflare are investing deep in WebAssembly, and their offering around durable objects is exciting. It feels like the right infrastructure for my language to target. Now is it going to be perfect? Doubtful, but perfect is the enemy of good which is a common fight I enjoy because I’m stupid. Furthermore, dfinity is introducing WebAssembly canisters to run in a decentralized way. IF ONLY I had the fucking to wisdom target WebAssembly, then I could leverage other people’s infrastructure. However, WebAssembly feels way too low-level for my patience, and there are a swarm of problems in targetting that directly. What if I translated to Rust?

A New Year, What is Up for 2021?

By Jeffrey M. Barber

It is a new year, and I have been incommunicado up until now. So, I’ll scream into the void of digital ether.

Last Performance Update (for July?)

By Jeffrey M. Barber

From last time, the performance and user cost was sitting at:

First Case Study (Chat) & Open Thoughts

By Jeffrey M. Barber

The language is in a high functioning state, and it is validating the vision that I have as a madman lunatic. Today, I would like to jump ahead into the future and share the vision for how to build products with the platform that I envision. This is a useful exercise as I am in the process of defining the service beyond the series of hacks that got my prototype working. More importantly, I want to share this vision with you, and I’d also like to quickly contrast this to the past.